Ever since I was a kid I had a hunch that I would end up with a career in finance. At the age of 9, my dad helped me buy my first 2 shares of stock: they were in Kellog's and Nintendo (two brands that dominated my life at that time). I was immediately hooked!I would incessantly check the stock prices every day in the newspapers (yes, I’m old 😄) trying to understand what made the markets move.


Throughout high school, I would read the Wall Street Journal daily, obsessing over the prices of stocks and commodities. I even ignored homework because of my newfound obsession.
After high school, I went to college to study finance (obviously 😛) excited by what I thought was an opportunity to get a game-changing education in a subject I loved so much.
However, when I got to college I was quickly disappointed. Sure, we learned how to evaluate companies, read balance sheets, and perform financial analysis. But I wanted to learn how to read charts, how to perform technical analysis, the psychology behind trading, how to trade Options, futures, and stocks. I didn’t learn any of that!
After I graduated, I went on to work an entry level job at a small finance firm as a financial analyst. 
I ended up hating it. None of what I was doing on a day to day basis improved my knowledge in the topics I was interested in. The environment was so hectic and time-consuming that I did not have time to dig deep and learn what I REALLY wanted to learn.  I quit in less than a year.
I needed a new income stream that would give me the ability to make my own hours, but I didn't have many other professional skills. That’s when I stumbled across software development.
I taught myself how to code because of the high income potential and remote-working opportunities that software jobs provided. I would work short-term job contracts and teach myself how to trade options in my spare time, all while maintaining my stock investments in my personal trading account. I finally had the time I needed to obsess over every aspect of trading and learning how to read charts.
In 2008, the worst financial crisis of my lifetime hit! I was living minimally at the time and immediately saw it as an opportunity! I dumped every penny I had saved up to that point into Blue Chip stocks like Apple, Google, Nike, Amazon, McDonald’s. At the time, I didn't know how long I would hold them, but I still have a lot of those stocks to this day!
While working a software contracting gig in 2010, a group of tech employees and I started a small Options trading group together at work. We’d share ideas, strategies, our successful trades and our failed trades with each other. This was one of the most formative experiences of my trading career and I quickly realized that group learning is THE superior method for success, regardless of what you’re trying to learn!
After about 6 months, I ended up making more money than I was at my job as a software developer, sometimes hitting 4 and 5 figure trades on a given day.
Fast forward to 2018, I felt the urge to help others learn how to trade, read charts, and achieve their personal goals in options & stocks trading. I wanted to simplify these complex topics and shorten people’s learning curves. YouTube gave me that ability!
So, The Traveling Trader YouTube channel was born and it has given me immense joy and satisfaction to help thousands of people realize their trading goals!

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